Call Before Training ...

Training Needs Analysis and Eyes on the GAPS in Your Company’s Training Program

Developing the basis on which to determine what training, and why that training needs top priority, is the focus of a good TNA – – Training Needs Analysis!

Every company needs to know what training will improve their personnel, production, Continue Reading [...]

IMPACT Your Training Program

Project Management–The Key to Training Success and ROI

It seems obvious but training development is best handled by a skilled project manager who specializes in Training Projects. Completing the training needs analysis and GAP prioritization, as foundational as those steps are, only signals the start of training development projects. When hiring a project Continue Reading [...]

One Paragraph Solutions

Ever felt sooooooooo -overwhelmed with your business, you neglected to write and post on your blog?

I know the feeling! While I’ve been ghost writing for everybody else’s websites, I’ve been neglecting my own. And for those of you like me, who are too busy, here are some helpful hints for getting your blog done Continue Reading [...]

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